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Mary Duryea MD, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

My professional life started in health care as orthopedic physician assistant (PA) followed by a career as a family practice medical doctor (MD). Upon retiring from medicine, I turned my energies to yoga, becoming a teacher (E-RYT 500), then a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), and now an author. My book, Yoga as Integrative Medicine: Yoga Sutras Meet Gray's Anatomy is part of my passion to promote the benefits of yoga as part of integrative medicine. Click here for more information. 

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Yoga as Integrative Medicine

Yoga Sutras Meet Gray's Anatomy

This book, dear to my heart, shares my personal experience and understanding of yogic concepts, tools, and techniques. These teachings are correlated with concepts in Western medicine, as a means of integrating the East with the West. I also advocate for partnering yoga with integrative medicine in order improve health-care. Explanations for how individuals can adopt yoga as an easily accessible form of self-care are included.

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Integrating Yoga as a Lifestyle for Self Healing

The practice of yoga...what you practice becomes stronger​

Bridge Over River


The practice of yoga often starts with the physical practice of asanas or postures. As you start to feel the changes in the physical sense of the body, you develop the perception of the body as your safe home and a personal temple.


Stilling the chatter and run-away thoughts is one of the mental benefits of yoga. You become the master of what you choose to dwell on. With practice, negative thoughts can be replaced with more positive thinking. Positive attitudes have been shown to be beneficial to your health.


As the mind and the body move toward a healthier you, so does your spiritual self. Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to have many health benefits, including improving immunity and promoting telomere function (cell longevity). Delving deeper into your spiritual center creates a calm center as a safe haven. This self acceptance and nurturing can then be shared with the world around you.

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OnLine Workshop

Developing Mindful Awareness of Anatomy and Interoception in Yoga:  Recorded from Zoom session May 2020

Four 3 hour long sessions with combo lecture, slides, practice. Contact email below for more info.

Meditation by the Sea
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Yoga Practice and the Koshas

What are the Koshas?

The Koshas are different aspects within you that interact and work together to comprise you as an individual. The five Koshas include your physical self, energetic self, mental/emotional self, intelligent/perceiving self, and the bliss layer surrounding your spiritual self. Please join me in this free discussion and brief practice to access the Koshas layers.

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